Measuring Patient Touch-Point Performance


Making Sure the Patient Journey Across Your Practice is Consistent

Every medical practice or facility has multiple patient “touch-points" where your staff interacts with patients.  It usually starts with the team on the phone in scheduling and moves on to maybe pre-authorization or the front desk check-in experience, then to the tech or physician, and finally to check out and then follow up or even billing. Across this journey, there are MANY opportunities for patient communication to either go well or to get sideways. All it takes is ONE poor staff interaction to in a moment undo all the goodwill that all the other staff interactions created.

So how do you know where the problems lie? How do you ultimately know how each touchpoint is performing? If scheduling doesn’t ask for the right forms or prep, the patient can show up with a problem already in place. If the tech is slow, or the PA or physician is short-tempered or worst case, rude, how can a...

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3 Things to Do NOW to STOP Patients From Leaving Your Practice!

patient retention Sep 13, 2019

Don’t take your current patient base for granted!  If your worried about losing patients to the practice down the street pay more attention to them and their experience with your medical practice!

  1. Give patients multiple ways to EASILY provide feedback about their visit

Patients typically don’t want to complain, and many will just move on from your practice and leave without ever taking the time to TELL you what went wrong! The best cure for this? Make it EASY for them to give you feedback, even anonymously! By providing multiple methods – a self-mailing card or survey and a box to drop it in, or a card with an email and phone number – you are indicating that you WELCOME the gift of feedback. This will immediately improve the amount of feedback you get!

  1. Pay attention to what they’re telling you and act and make changes where necessary

When patients DO take the time and effort to tell you their story, pay attention! Look into each issue,...

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What Your Medical Staff is TALKING ABOUT at Your Front Desk While We Listen!

front desk Aug 20, 2019

 I visited my dermatology this past year to have a spot checked out. I arrived just as they opened for the day. This practice is a very nice (new) modern space and their office is gorgeous, with a very comfortable waiting area.  I arrived 10 minutes before my appointment and approached the open front desk where two women were sitting, working on computers. As I signed in, I tried to make eye contact – but nada, no greeting or acknowledgment on their part.  And just after signing in, as I go to take a seat in the waiting area, the younger of the two women blurts out loudly, “Oh this day has been horrible, I just want it to be over!” 

It’s only 9:10 am.

There are two other people waiting as well, in a mostly quiet space. And as we wait, we ALL get to listen to the personal conversations taking place behind the front desk, and (lucky us) we get a sense of one woman’s personal life, in addition to some apparent office politics...

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