Basic Customer Service Training for Healthcare Teams

IMPROVE patient retention, online reviews, survey scores and your team's customer service skills to ensure a GREAT patient experience, every patient, every interaction!


Your healthcare team needs HELP with the BASICS of customer service!

SOFT SKILLS, from essential customer communications and listening skills or reading body language are in DIRE need across  organizations today.

WE GET IT! Who has TIME to figure out  training on how to improve your team's performance?  New and existing staff may need a refresher on how to deliver a great patient experience!

You can't afford to lose patients or receive even one bad online review. 


Whether you manage a small practice or a large healthcare staff, you are NOT alone!

So many in healthcare are struggles from being short staffed, to higher patient load and longer hours. 

But remember this important point:  research shows that working to keep the customers/patients you have costs far less than trying to market to new ones - especially if your staff needs improvement in the area of customer service!

Our online customer service basics course can improve your teams awareness and performance, and help with patient retention!  Leadership will sing your praises on the positive patient feedback captured as a result of taking action now!


Imagine Your Team's Improved Patient Experience Delivery Plus Happier Patients

Patients, staff and even vendors will benefit from your team's improved customer service and communication skills including:

Increased Communications Awareness & Delivery

Your team will gain an expanded understanding of how they communicate and the importance and impact of their actions, from voice tone to non-verbal body language.



Recognition of Their Part in the Patient Experience

Clarification of their role in the organization and the impact of their patient interaction. Understanding how they in fact  "are" the patient experience, and how their actions impact the entire experience.



Skills to Prepare for and Better Manage a Variety of Patient Scenarios

Discussions and practice on how to handle and follow through on difficult discussions and situations so they are prepared to manage them successfully. 



The Solution:

Patient Kinde™ Kick-start Customer Service Basics 

An Online Course for Busy Healthcare Teams

Patient Kinde Kick-start is an online course that provides your healthcare team easy access to training on the basics of great customer service.




THIS COURSE is designed for the team lead or manager seeking a easy to access training solution to improve patient retention and basic patient interactions - whether you manage a small practice or a larger team. 

Yes, I want this!

EMPOWER Your Staff with Valuable Customer Service Basics, Improved Awareness, and Enhanced Communications and Soft Skills


Key Course Takeaways Include:

BIG Picture Understanding

Your staff will learn THEY are the Patient Experience, what that means for them and the real opportunity that represents.

Clarity on THEIR Role & Impact

They will gain clarity on ALL patient touchpoints within the organization and how their role can impact the patient's perception along the way.

Deeper Insight on Communication

Your team will take a deeper dive on their own communication and soft skills, from active listening to body language and eye contact toward building a greater awareness of how they come across to others.


Building New Habits Towards Consistency

They will learn how to create new habits to help build and maintain consistency with each patient, each day.

Shared Experiences for Understanding

Staff will reflect on (and share when possible) their own experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly – stories of what worked (and why) and what failed.

Tools to Put it ALL To Work Successfully!

Finally, they will be prepared to put their new understanding, guides, and tools to work daily towards positively improving their connections with patients, team members and even themselves!


All The Tools Your Team Needs to Deliver a Consistent & Positive Patient Experience!


Patient Kinde™

Kick-start Course Modules Include:


Module One - Three Lessons

From deconstructing the patient experience to understanding who your patients are, this module touches on the business of patient care, why patients leave, why retention is critical, the benefit to the individual of delivery a stellar experience and a discussion on the gift of feedback and measuring patient response (and why it is a gift).

Module One Highlights:

  • Why Kindness is So Important in Healthcare
  • The Patient Experience
  • What Impacts the Patient Journey
  • The Needs of Your Patient Base
  • All About Soft Skills
  • The Evolution of Healthcare
  • Importance of Patient Retention
  • Improving Soft Skills (3 of the 6 Top Skills in Healthcare)

Module Two - Three Lessons

We review the data on how bad experiences get around, we identify all the patient touchpoints in your practice, and learn which touchpoint are you? Understanding their individual strengths and weaknesses, and what would a patient say about you on your best and worst day (and the importance of being consistent).

Module Two Highlights

  • Good/Bad Patient Experiences
  • Patient Experience Outcomes
  • When Patients Leave
  • Patient/Practice Touchpoints
  • First Impressions
  • Touchpoints and Awareness
  • Why it Takes a Team
  • Improving Soft Skills (3 of the 6 Top Skills in Healthcare)

Plus, These Additional Resources for Your Organization & Your Team:


Training Delivery Guide

Our easy-to-follow guide provides direction on best practices for delivering our training plus some additional tips to ensure success. This course can be delivered one staff member at a time or in a group setting. Team discussions and sharing will also foster an environment of support and success!


Soft Skills Self-Assessment

Our student Soft Skills Self-Assessment gives staff an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences to determine where they may need to improve upon or focus on a specific area or soft skill following the course training.  

Yes, I want this!
Nearly EVERY ONE of us has a story about a bad patient experience! We don't always hear about the good experiences, but the BAD ones? They can quickly turn up online or on social media as a terrible review of your practice where everyone in the world can see it.
I am Heidi Nulton, the founder of Patient Kinde. And in fact, it was due to my own bad patient experience and complaint to a practice manager that began my 10+ year career in healthcare!
During that time as I was marketing to referring physicians across the greater DC area I became acutely aware of the huge lack of soft skills within many doctors offices. Simple things like making eye contact with patients or staff self-awareness were really lacking. 
The practice I worked for also wanted to market to new patients, but I knew our staff needed basic customer service improvements before spending valuable dollars to bring in new business.
As a result, I developed a customer service training "basics" program to build awareness and improve the staff understanding of what a good patient experience looks like. The result? Improved patient experiences, positive patient feedback, AND improved staff performance! 
The training made a real difference, and now I want to help you do the same!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, I want this!

Prioritizing patient retention has a DIRECT economic benefit to your bottom line.


Investing in that relationship NOW protects your patient lifetime income for the future of your business!


PK Kick-start - Tier One



  • 2 Course Modules w/3 Lessons Each
  • Quiz with Each Lesson
  • Trainer Delivery Guide
  • Student Self-assessment
  • 12 Month Access to Course Updates/Additions
  • Priced for Small to Large Team Access

PK Kick-start - Tier Two


MEDIUM 51-100 Staff

  • 2 Course Modules w/3 Lessons Each
  • Quiz with Each Lesson
  • Trainer Delivery Guide
  • Student Self-assessment
  • 12 Month Access to Course Updates/Additions
  • Priced for Small to Large Team Access

PK Kick-start - Tier Three


LARGE 101-200

  • 2 Course Modules w/3 Lessons Each
  • Quiz with Each Lesson
  • Trainer Delivery Guide
  • Student Self-assessment
  • 12 Month Access to Course Updates/Additions
  • Priced for Small to Large Team Access

Our Guarantee- Refund And Return Policy:

We want you and your team to be successful with our course.

As such, we offer a 14 day full refund policy.

If you change your mind or are unhappy with this program, you can cancel at anytime within the 14 day window for a full refund!  See the link at the bottom of the page for our course terms for more detail and information.


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