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Hi, I'm Heidi Nulton, and after years of working in healthcare I know first hand how a GOOD or BAD customer service moment can impact your patient base! After a career in healthcare and marketing, I am on a mission to make it easy for practice managers and healthcare leadership improve their team's customer service skills! 

Practice managers and team leads today have many challenges! Not enough hours in the day and sometimes simply not enough staff. Finding the time to train new staff or improve existing team members on customer service is tough. So, where to even start with a solid solution?

After developing and delivering a successful customer service training, I have created a program for medical practices and facilities to give your team EASY ACCESS to training and improve your team's delivery of an excellent patient experience!

The goal is simple - improve patient retention and growth by building your team's awareness of what it means to be a patient, reinforce their soft skills and  inspire them to deliver respect and connect  with every interaction and every patient! Our course is a wise investment in the overall health of your practice, existing patients and future patient growth!


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PK Kick-start

Our two-module, six lesson course is a great and easy starting place. We cover the basics of customer service in healthcare, the patient experience, why patients leave, practice patient touchpoints, and four "Soft Skills" building sessions to improve each team member's understanding and their contribution and delivery of the patient experience.

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  PK Essentials

COMMING SOON - PK Essentials will be a short but focused course, delivering the most essential elements of customer service in a shorted and concise timespan. It will include key elements of our flagship PK Kickstart course, plus additional team exercises to help imprint learnings and improve understanding of patients needs. 
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